Posted by: Barry Bickmore | February 9, 2011

Utah Republicans: Trash Planet, Head to Space

A group of Republican lawmakers have started a campaign to shift funding within NASA from climate science programs (e.g., satellite monitoring of the climate system) to manned space flight.  Two Utah representatives, Jason Chaffetz and Rob Bishop, are among the instigators.

Great idea, I say!  I mean, who gives a rat’s derriere about what’s happening to the Earth, when we can always just go colonize some other planet?  The only problem with this plan is that it would be pretty much undeniable that any planetary colonial government could also be called a “New World Order”.  And the inevitable hyper-intelligent, insectoid alien natives with a taste for human flesh.  There’s always that.



  1. Good job Barry–I hope you expand on this. It is telling that the
    Congressmen urging this action are those whose districts will
    benefit from increased spending on manned space programs.
    But I believe there is a further agenda: Gutting NASA’s climate
    change program means that the climate change deniers in
    Congress won’t have to pay attention to those darn NASA
    climate scientists presenting more and more evidence for
    the seriousness of climate change–while saying at the same
    time that there is no convincing evidence for human-induced climate change!

    • Um, and a group of lawmakers gutted the Space Exploration program to do NASA earth science programs BEFORE the recent republican congressmen tried to put it back.

      Maybe they are both important? Maybe you are a bit biased since you work for the earth science side?

      • Actually, I’m biased because I live on Earth.

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