Orrin Hatch

Here I’ve collected links to all the posts I’ve done on Orrin Hatch’s views about climate change.

1. Orrin Hatch and the Open Mind.  Hatch pats himself on the back for being open-minded, when all he’s really doing is latching onto any argument that supports his preconceived notions.

2. Deseret News Op-Ed on Orrin Hatch’s “Climate Change 101″.  An op-ed I did for a local newspaper.

3. Salt Lake Tribune Op-Ed on Orrin Hatch’s “Climate Change 101″. Another op-ed.

4. Orrin Hatch on Hypothesis and Proof.  Hatch sets the bar for evidence against his views impossibly high, but pathetically low for evidence in favor of his views.

5. Orrin Hatch on the Gas of Life.  Here I show that Hatch repeatedly botches his discussion of the effects of CO2.

6. Explaining Orrin Hatch.  Why I don’t think Orrin Hatch is a bad guy, even though I’ve been sticking it to him about his views on climate change.

7. Orrin Hatch’s Response.  Orrin Hatch actually responded to me, and made a small concession.

8. Orrin Hatch on Marc Morano’s IPCC Dissenters.  How many climate contrarians does it take to impress the Senator?  Less than 1%.

9. My Reply to Senator Hatch.  My next attempt to convince Hatch that he is not objectively looking at the evidence.

10.  Orrin Hatch’s Second Reply.  The Senator wrote back, once again, to counter my arguments.

11. My Second Reply to Senator Hatch.  I just won’t shut up!



  1. […] Orrin Hatch […]

  2. […] Orrin Hatch […]

  3. My surgeon, an extremely talented gifted, and intelligent doctor, with an impeccable reputation, told me that he would like to kick Orin Hatch in the ass, because of Hatch’s views on things. I share those feelings, because Hatch is clearly a far right wing lunatic fringe nut case.

  4. Since this blog is written by a Republican Scientist who Advocates Sane Energy Policies, I must say that I am not holding my breath, as I feel compelled to share with him a personal experience I had: regarding this matter: A few short years ago, i became friends with a man who is about my age, 74. He is devout Catholic, was considered “talented and gifted,” growing up during his grammar school years, he attended one of the finest high schools in our state, he served in the military, he is devout Republican too; never been married, no children, He has obviously led an extremely sheltered life, as he knows, surprisingly, nothing about other cities and places only 50 miles or so from where he lives. Everything he owns, his home, his property, and his few personal belongings, he never earned himself, they were all acquired from his parents, who are no longer living. Early on, I was surprised, and frankly shocked, to hear him speak about most of the baloney he saw on the fox news channel; so it should come as no surprise to anyone, that he is a Donald Trump supporter, and that he is to a fault, a firm believer that climate change is false; fabricated. Recently, I could no longer tolerate his nonsense, so i told him that I no longer wanted to talk with him, and walked away. Amazing, how anyone can become as crazy as he has become.

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