Posted by: Barry Bickmore | February 8, 2011

The Monckton Files: The Monckton Show

Even though I don’t live in the UK, I was able to find a way to see the new BBC documentary, “Meet the Climate Sceptics,” that aired a couple days ago and focuses largely on Christopher Monckton.  (A friend taped it, so I can’t post it–but I’ll post a link if it shows up on YouTube.)  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Monckton unsuccessfully sued the BBC to keep them from airing the show unless they let him insert a 3-minute reply.  After watching it, all I can say is that Monckton’s case was absolutely absurd.  Not only did he already have a short reply inserted, but the producer was very good about letting Monckton say a great deal in his own words throughout the movie.  In fact, I got the feeling the filmmaker, Rupert Murray, was intentionally being soft on Monckton.  The film’s treatment of Monckton was about as sympathetic as possible, given that Murray ended up disagreeing with Monckton’s position.  I found myself liking the Viscount more after watching–and that’s saying something, since he has repeatedly threatened legal action against me.  The show did include some footage of His Lordship talking about his Miracle Cure For Almost All Diseases, but it didn’t include any investigation about whether this claim is even remotely plausible.  (It sort of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?)  There wasn’t a single mention of how Monckton has falsely claimed to be a member of Parliament.  Now, there’s something Murray definitely would have mentioned if he were trying very hard to make His Lordship look like he’s off his nut.

And yet, Monckton still came off looking quite eccentric.  At one point in the film, John Abraham is shown reciting a long laundry list of obvious scientific errors Monckton has perpetuated, and Murray ended up confronting His Lordship with John’s criticisms, as well as those in the response to Monckton’s latest congressional testimony by 20 climate experts that John organized (along with Ray Weymann, Mike Mann, Winslow Briggs, and me.)  The look on Monckton’s face when confronted with the response was absolutely priceless, and when he talked about John Abraham, he waxed positively creepy.

We will be making him put his denial to the court.  We’ll be examining all his financial records.  We will be–and there are already people watching him to see where he goes, in case he’s taking any interesting holidays–in case he’s got money stashed.  Um, but this is not an honest man.  [Note:  He sounds like he’s about to cry at this point.]

Watch for people digging in your trash, John!  I know Monckton has been threatening to sue for months on end, and the lawsuit never seems to materialize, but he’s out there–watching, waiting for you to make a mistake.  One day, he may dig out all the damning details to show why the shadowy oligarchs of the New World Order hired a mechanical engineer (rather than a climate specialist) to make a Powerpoint presentation (rather than a slick movie) about how Monckton repeatedly made false or misleading statements in one of his speeches, and how the scientists Monckton cites almost uniformly don’t agree with Monckton’s interpretations of their work!!!  BEWARE!!!

I highly recommend the film.  As I said, it made even me feel a little more kindly toward Monckton, or at least a little sorry for him.  No matter how sympathetic a film maker is trying to be, or how erudite Monckton tries to seem, his wonderful pottiness can’t help but peek out the seams here and there.

[UPDATE:  Andrea Sella does a bang-up job of reviewing “Meet the Climate Sceptics” here.]



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