Posted by: Barry Bickmore | August 28, 2010

Take a Survey!

Researchers at the University of Western Australia want people who visit sites like this to take a quick survey (about 10 min.)


  1. The rotten thing has an internal error. There are 5 questions 36-40 requiring numerical answers instead of choices and it keeps on telling me I haven’t completed them.

  2. There was one missing question from the survey.

    “Lord Monckton is not a Lord and he knows zero about the imminence of catastrophic runaway global warming.”

    * strongly agree

    * very strongly agree

    * very very strongly agree

    * infinitely agree

    • Oh, Magic…

      You’re an addict just like me. If **I** had made the survey, you know that question would have been on there, but alas, I just posted this as a favor for someone else.

      • Barry,
        I’ve got to hand it to you. As a CAGW guy, you haven’t lost your sense of humor as have most of your brethren.

        Good on ya,


      • Any questions on whether NASA faked the moon landings?

  3. The rotten thing has an internal error.

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