Posted by: Barry Bickmore | August 28, 2010

The Monckton Files: Pink Portcullis Update

A couple weeks ago, I made a couple posts that drew attention to an article in The Guardian about how the House of Lords and Buckingham Palace are pressuring Lord Christopher Monckton to quit using the portcullis logo of the House of Lords.  (See The Monckton Files: Mmmmmm, Prison Food and  The Monckton Files: Goodbye, Pink Portcullis?)  Monckton’s excuse was,

My logo is not a registered badge of parliament, and is plainly distinct from parliament’s badge in numerous material respects.

Well, I was going through some video footage of Monckton and noted that when Monckton testified before a committee of the U.S. Congress in 2009, one congressman asked Monckton whether his logo was some kind of coat of arms.  Monckton replied,

No sir, that is the portcullis, the symbol of the House of Lords….

Here is the video (it’s only about 1 1/2 minutes):

Lawyers for Buckingham Palace, take note.  😉


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