Posted by: Barry Bickmore | October 16, 2011

Climate Censorship in Texas, Virginia, and Utah

The Guardian has a nice article on the Perry administration’s censorship of a scientific report that mentioned the effects of climate change on the state of Galveston Bay in Texas.  Turns out that all 200 scientists who authored the report are asking that their names be taken off.  The piece also mentions Ken Cuccinelli’s climate witch-hunting in Virginia, and Rep. Mike Noel’s attempt to get Rob Davies fired at Utah State University.

Here’s the money quote from one of the Texas officials who censored the report.

Mother Jones has tracked the changes. The agency has defended its actions. “It would be irresponsible to take whatever is sent to us and publish it,” Andrea Morrow, a spokeswoman said in an emailed statement. “Information was included in a report that we disagree with.”

She said Anderson’s report had been “inconsistent with current agency policy”, and that he had refused to change it. She refused to answer any questions. Campaigners said the censorship by the Texas state authorities was a throwback to the George Bush era when White House officials also interfered with scientific reports on climate change.

Did you catch that?  Current science is “inconsistent with current agency policy”.



  1. Wow, seriously, how do you even think it’s okay to admit that you censored a scientific report because it undermined your political agenda?

    I guess that’s Texas for ya.

  2. I guess we all have to learn, the truth can get you into trouble when ideologues are in positions of power…

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  4. In the minds of some people, there’s no such thing as “science”, “logic”, or “facts”, there are only talking points and politics and interest groups, and you can choose to use or to attack any of the talking points to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

    Sadly, it seems that even the Obama administration is being infected with this kind of thinking. He talks sweet words to climate campaigners, he says nice things about the Occupy Wall Street movement, but what’s he actually doing to address their very real concerns?

    — frank

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