Posted by: Barry Bickmore | October 11, 2014

The Monckton Files: Vote for Monckton!!!

At last, a candidate I can really get behind! There is an interesting site called Quora, on which people ask all sorts of questions, other people answer, and readers vote on the best answer. Sometimes these are pretty fun to read. One question that was posted was, “What are some examples of experts who in the end were not real experts?” I noted that one of the responders had nominated Lord Monckton, but I didn’t really feel that his answer was as comprehensive and well documented as it could have been, so I decided to post my own.

Dear Readers, if not now, when?  If not us, who?

Click here, and UPVOTE my answer at the bottom! As you can imagine, Monckton has a lot of competition, but honestly, who can compare to His Veracity? Have the others been invited to testify to Congress as a climate science expert on multiple occasions, while pretending to be members of Parliament?  I think not. Okay, okay, if you really want to see all the other answers, click here.


  1. In New Zealand we have the oldest naturally preserved timber in the world namely the swamp Kauri –for over 40 years I have been working with a Tree Ring Laboratory and Dendrochronologists recovering end biscuits off recovered kauri logs. They have been able to make up a calendar going back 151000 years and what they have discovered this so called global warming that was supposed to have started in 2010 has happened 12 times before in the last 151000 YEARS showing that it is a natural occurrence in the world climate signed BUSH

    • The comment on Kauri trees sounds like an attempt at distraction, the OP is about Lord Monckton not tree rings. Also you say “so called global warming that was supposed to have started in 2010” – really?

      A serious response to the comment is I agree with Raff, I think they pick trees that are going to be sensitive to average temperature variations. Also they pick trees from different locations to get a good representation from different areas on the globe to rule out local average temperature variations.

    • What Noel forgets to mention (again) is that 151,000 years covers several glacial/interglacial cycles, and so nobody would dispute that warming has occurred several times over that period. He also forgets that New Zealand is not the world.

  2. Noel, do you have a paper on that. It sounds very interesting. I’m ignorant of the subject but I understood that tree rings were normally sampled for climatological purposes from trees at the edge of viability (eg at the altitude or latitude tree line) because at those locations, year to year temperature changes might be expected to make a noticeable difference to growth. Are your trees at such locations or have I misunderstood?

  3. At the bottom of my garden I have the oldest wooden council fence in my neighbourhood, and a detailed study of the timber indicates that global warming (which started with Al Gore) is an artefact of hot summers, demonstrating that ALL global warming is natural in origin.

  4. Barry, I’ve had enough of this site.

    Nothing to do with the content (absent nasty’s raving lunacy), but that the software has absolutely no cre what the site is like to read, but entirely, and solely, thatit is generating revenue for someone else.

    In future, I’ll visit, and if it’s laggard, then I’ll not even bother to wait, just leave and letthe aggravation pass me by.

    • I suspect that what “Wow” really hates is that honest science is not censored here–not like over at “Hot Whopper.” –AGF

      • No, asswipe, yoy disgust me. You are 100% incapable of coherent thought and DO NOT CARE TO, therefore of no possible utility to converse with.

        You are the moreal equivalent of a pustule on an infected bull penis. Live with it.

        • Poor BB. What a dilemma. Should he censor a lunatic after just having been praised by a “denier” for his restraint, at the same time the loony is writing off his website? Just you try using such language, you skeptics! –AGF

          PS, the kauri chronology only goes back 4500 years.

          • In New Zealand we have the oldest naturally preserved timber in the world.Over the last 34 years I have been involved with the cutting of biscuits off the ends of recovered swamp Kauri logs -these being forwarded to Dendrochronologists and Tree Ring Laboratorys -What supposedly started in 2010 this so called global warming has thru the studys from the swamp Kauri has happened `12 times before in the last 151,000 years as the Kauri tree rings show

            • Whether or not this data goes back 151,000, nobody (besides Young-Earth Creationists) disputes that there have been multiple warming and cooling episodes in this time. Noel has posted this information several times here, and he has never bothered to explain why it should impress anyone who has ever read a climatology textbook.

            • Well Raff asked you for a paper, and there ought to be quite a stir from any reconstruction that goes back 20 times as far as extant continuous tree ring chronologies. How are the trees dated? –AGF

            • Was this the Noel Hilliam discussed in the link below?

              If so, know who you are dealing with, Barry.

            • Oh, boy.

  5. Barry, where have you been?!?!?

    For God’s sakes, man! Monckton has co-authored a paper showing how a simple model that seems to ignore all kinds of pesky “details” about the actual world we live in is suggestive of something or other.

    Oh the humanity….

  6. The problem with the side is ***Wordpress***. Science of Doom and Tamino all use wordpress and ALL of you have a massive problem of some psycho script locking up the browser doing sweet FA.

    At least under Firefox with Linux.

    And It’s some Javascript doing it, because I’ve tried turning off ALL javascript and the site works properly and doesn’t peg 100% of a CPU doing naff all but hold the web browser in stasis for an increasing amount of time every time a line is updated.


    Change either of those and your site works.

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