Posted by: Barry Bickmore | May 10, 2013

National Journal: The Coming GOP Civil War Over Climate Change

A number of Republicans like me believe we are shooting ourselves in the foot by acting like a bunch of slack-jawed yokels and tinfoil-hat-wearing loons with respect to climate change.  Here’s a very good National Journal article about moves within the Republican party to start addressing climate change.


  1. I believe the issue has become too politicized to allow for the republican party to back down from the stated belief that ACC is a hoax perpetrated by unscrupulous scientists. There has been too much energy focused exclusively on this idea and rejecting it would entail an serious re-evaluation of basic principles, and the political atmosphere is too intense to allow for that. I feel that there is a need to go down with the ship.
    I consider myself a skeptic. While I see no conspiracy of scientists, I do believe that political polarization can distort looking at the full range of the science.
    I see no compelling science suggesting that there may not be serious consequences due to ACC increasingly over the next few decades, and think it imperative to begin mitigation of CO2 as quickly as possible.
    But I don;t ee the right wing giving up their fanatical attachment to disproving it until there have been severe incontrovertible events that make their views completely untenable

    • Tony, you’d be worthy of the label “skeptic” if you actually checked on your assertions to see if the stand up to the evidence.

      What bits of science aren’t being looked at, and how important are they? I mean, the won’t be including the effects of the wings of every single butterfly in the world, despite the little homily regarding chaos theory on the subject.

      So some bits may be being “missed” because they’re of no point as far as policy or brad-brush events are concerned.

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