Posted by: Barry Bickmore | May 8, 2013

WaPo Fact Checker on Rep. Stewart

In my last post, I linked to a Salt Lake Tribune op-ed by Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) in which he said,

There is also uncertainty regarding to what degree man is to blame for global warming. However, the claim that 98 percent of scientists agree that humans are the singular driver of climate change has been repeatedly discounted. This oft-cited statistic is based on an online survey with a sample size of only 77 people, and the survey didn’t even ask to what degree humans contribute to climate change.

In my op-ed response, I said,

Several lines of evidence, including multiple surveys of climate science experts and the peer-reviewed scientific literature on climate change, indicate that at most a few percent of the experts disagree with the consensus view that humans are mostly responsible for the climate change over the past half century. Stewart doesn’t challenge this view with any competing study, He just nitpicks a single study and ignores the rest.

Now Glenn Kessler, who writes the Fact Checker blog at The Washington Post, has gone into much more detail about why Stewart’s cherrypicking is disingenuous.  He ends up awarding Rep. Stewart “4 Pinocchios,” which translates as “Whoppers”.


  1. There’s a reason why, in court, you swear to tell the truth, *the whole truth* and nothing but the truth.

    Lying by omission is as big a lie, or bigger, than a flat-out lie.

    At least with a flat-out lie, you can upbraid the comment, whereas if the liar wants to play the “you’re the villain” card, they can just insist that the facts they stated were true, and you’re just picking on them.

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