Posted by: Barry Bickmore | April 8, 2013

The Monckton Files: The New Zealand Blues

Fellow Moncktonophiles,

This piece about Monckton’s recent “barnstorming” tour of New Zealand will brighten your day.  Nyuck, nyuck.


  1. Yes, good on Lord Monckton.

    I wonder has Christopher heard this self indulgent emission from another Victorian University lecturer, this one from the State of Victoria’s Melbourne University, attempting to justify dancing on Lady Thatcher’s grave.

    Listen and weep.
    [audio src="" /]

    • I don’t particularly like people celebrating anyone’s death, either. But what, exactly, do you find “good” about what Monckton does?

  2. Without trying to defend Monckton, I must say the Michele Hewitson interview in the NZ Herald was poor.

    • Why is it off limits to ask him about his miracle cure, his going about claiming to have received the Nobel Peace Prize, his claiming to have won the Falklands war by persuading Margaret Thatcher to flout international law, his constant threats of lawsuits, and so on? I would have also asked him about his claiming to be a member of Parliament, too. Are any of these questions inspired by falsehoods? No. Are any of them irrelevant for the public trying to determine whether this non-expert is worth listening to? No. He just doesn’t want to answer them, because he doesn’t want people to check out his bona fides, which are easy to check. He wants people to listen to his pseudo-scientific claims, and then give up on checking them because it takes too much work.

  3. Clearly you have a strong opinion about the man which is illustrated by the excessive postings here recently. Personally, after seeing he had included images of Nazi soldiers during one of his presentations years ago I decided not to bother myself too much with what he has to say.

    What I should have said is I found the article to be unbalanced and too self-serving. I read 2 other interviews yesterday by Ms Hewitson and unfortunately they were also along the same lines. Which was disappointing as I was particularly interested in reading about Sir John Kirwin.

    • Yes, I am a collector of Moncktonalia. We all have to have hobbies.

      • Ha, yes I imagine it is a never ending supply of joy. My hobby is to collect imbecilic replies. Looking below it seems I have collected another.

        • No, you’ve just decided that your self image can only survive an encounter with the real world by assuming that you’re always right and that any replies that indicate otherwise are always wrong.

          It’s a pretty pathetic way to live, but you deniers have nothing left.

          • Be nice, Wow. Colin didn’t say anything rude–even my wife thinks I’m obsessed with Monckton. I think of it as a hobby that provides both amusement and a sense of purpose. I.e., I think Monckton is such a blatant charlatan that it’s worth pointing that out over and over so that the media will finally start treating him like a kook and the people who have repeatedly fallen for his cheap nonsense will be discredited. And “the people” I’m talking about include a large number of high profile contrarians–both scientists and politicians.

            Colin sees the train coming, and is trying to distance himself from His Lordship. I would, too.

            • His comment on “Looking below” was rude, Barry, and nothing to do with your hobby.

              Colin is only against the *foibles* of Monckfish being viewed. He’ll still pump up his ideas if they defend his denial.

            • Thanks Barry. If my previous comment has somehow upset one of the commentators here, then I will apologise and immediately drop down and do 50 pushups as punishment.

              Also, I have been guilty of many things but contravening Bickmore’s First Law of Monckton hasn’t been one of them.

          • Very interesting Wow. Now take a lie on the sofa there and tell me more about these undesirable or unacceptable thoughts of yours.

            • Pretty pathetic, Col.

              Are you now collecting your own imbecilic replies?

            • Fair call. Perhaps I was doing some projecting myself.

            • Making a habit of that means that when you have something valid to say, nobody thinks it worth the effort to find out if it is.

            • Ditto

            • Lame.


    • Whether or not it is a strong opinion is IRRELEVANT to the point of whether those opinions are defensible.

      You seem to be unable to use ANY evidence at all for anything. How do you manage?

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