Posted by: Barry Bickmore | December 29, 2011

SkS: A Thoughtful Conservative Perspective on Climate

… by Tom Smerling at Skeptical Science

Peter Wehner has impeccable conservative credentials, having served under Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and most recently, as deputy assistant to Pres. George W. Bush.  He resides at the “Ethics & Public Policy Center,” a neo-con think tank.

After a long look at the evidence, Wehner concluded that the scientific consensus on climate is correct.    He wrote two interesting posts titled “Conservatives and Climate Change,” in the neo-con magazineCommentary, which prides itself in intellectual conservatism.

Read more at Skeptical Science.



  1. I listened to an NPR interview with Bob Ingliss (former conservative Rep from South Carolina who lost his job for acknowledging the scientific realities of global warming) the other day. He’s been going around speaking to conservative groups about the subject. Hopefully these sorts of efforts to bring conservatives back into reality and constructive climate discussions will become more common and more successful in the coming years. Wehner’s articles have been pretty good. Nice to see that there are a few intelligent conservatives left who aren’t in utter denial about climate change.

  2. dana — Just a note of caution: I would be more circumspect about repeating the meme that Ingliss lost due to his stance on AGW. You are correct that NPR said this, but I think they grossly oversimplified. I went directly to the source that NPR’s cited for that story, the Greenville News. There, they quoted credible sources — notably Laura Abrams, a political scientist from Bob Jones U., who had been tracking this for years — saying that Ingliss had fallen out of favor, over the previous four years, for breaking with conservative orthodoxy on a host of issues, AGW being but one.

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