Posted by: Barry Bickmore | December 5, 2011

Global Warming and the Mobs, Part 2

I did a follow-up post on my last one over at By Common Consent.  It turns out the guy I was critiquing actually came around and apologized for slandering Jonathan Overpeck.  My response gets at some of his remaining concerns about the latest batch of stolen e-mails.

I learned some interesting things.  E.g., I found out that Phil Jones had discussed the problems of onerous FOI requests, proprietary data, and so on, before the scandal broke in 2009.  In other words, all that stuff the panels investigating “climategate” said about why Jones dodged some FOI requests and didn’t release all of his raw data… was right there in the stolen e-mails, too.


  1. Barry,

    what a great article. You are so clear and direct and open. it is a pleasure both reading your responses and following your thinking.
    most people consider me a radical leftist, but I find my values are very similar to some very devout Christians. Part of my radicalism is because I do not think the status quo in society is either normal or healthy and major changes need to happen in order to fix some of these things. But I don’t care where a valuable solution comes from, right left or somewhere else. As long as it improves the problem without making something else worse. I consider people like you, who may be labeled conservative, to be allies with different perspectives trying to make things better.
    My approach on denier blogs is rather tit for tat. if I am responded to respectfully I respond the same, if not i respond in kind, but never ad hominem attacks or arguing only information that supports my position. I am quite willing to be shown where my understanding is wrong or where another perspective is possible, so I will make statements that I may not be 100% sure about, confident that I will be shown my error if it is wrong. I have learned a lot from Denier blogs in this way, and I find myself much more open minded about areas where there is significant uncertainty. but I do rely on people like you who have a much more technical background, and have proven themselves to be willing to look at whatever information is presented to you with a reasonable attitude.

  2. […] were guilty of conspiracy, I found the scientists’ critics had taken their words badly out of context, and the conspiracy would have had to be so vast as to be utterly impossible to […]

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