Posted by: Barry Bickmore | December 2, 2011

Poll: Republicans Coming Around on Global Warming

U.S. News and World Report has a story out about this.  Money quote:

Less than a third of conservative Republicans say there is solid evidence for global warming, but 63 percent of moderate or liberal Republicans said they believe there is solid evidence for global warming, a 22-percentage-point jump from 2009.

And this is why I think Jon Huntsman is the most influential Republican presidential candidate, even if he doesn’t end up winning.


  1. Unfortunately the most conservative Republicans are the ‘base’ who tend to be the best at showing up to vote in primaries.

    There was another recent study showing that conservatives who rely on Fox News for their info are much more misinformed than conservatives who use other media outlets. Not a coincidence.

  2. I wonder how the numbers in this poll compare with a poll of GOP politicians.
    My guess it they are more out of step with reality than their constituents.
    The poll is good news however.

  3. Many Republican politicians have made comments that they believe global warming is human-caused but then they flip-flopped when they realized it hurt them in polls of Republican voters. I’m a former Republican voter and a former AGW skeptic but I would have NEVER, EVER voted against a Republican candidate solely because he agreed with the scientific consensus on AGW.

  4. Well yes, Huntsman can be important if he remembers what his position is. IEHO, Huntsman should position himself for 2016 as the reasonable Republican. He has no chance this year.

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