Posted by: Barry Bickmore | December 2, 2011

Global Warming and the Mobs

Meridian Magazine (a Mormon-themed publication) published an opinion piece by some guy who not only quoted out-of-context snippets from the new batch of stolen e-mails, but actually MISquoted them.  I went after him in a guest post on By Common Consent.  If you’re not Mormon, maybe you don’t understand the reference to “the Mobs”.  The Mormons got kicked out of 4 states, and a number of us were killed, essentially due to mob action.


  1. Well done. At least he’s admitted error and he will (hopefully) think twice before again passing on stuff without any background checking…

  2. barry: i appreciate your post. i grew up with brother lawrence. i want to acknowledge that he has done kindnesses for my family, especially my father, who has a terminal disease. but those who followed proposition 8 might remember that he is also the author of the widely discredited “six consequences of proposition 8” document that was circulated through mormon communities.

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