Posted by: Barry Bickmore | October 14, 2011

The Daily Herald Publisher Still Deliberating

The day after the publisher of The Daily Herald, Rona Rahlf, told me she would take my complaint about their editors under advisement, I sent her this note.

Hi Rona,

Any decisions, yet?  Here are the facts of the case:

What the leader of the CERN team, Jasper Kirkby, said about their conclusions:  ”At the moment, it actually says nothing about a possible cosmic-ray effect on clouds and climate, but it’s a very important first step.”

What the Daily Herald editorial board said about the CERN team’s conclusions:  ”Scientists there have concluded that cosmic rays play a much larger role than previously thought in creating clouds on earth.”

If the Daily Herald corrects errors of fact, is there any way to get around the need to correct this?

Note that I’m not asking you to fire Randy and Jim.  They seem like regular guys, who maybe need to take a peek outside the bomb shelter once in a while.  I just want a retraction.

Barry Bickmore

If you are similarly disgusted by a “news” organization that can’t deal with simple fact corrections, please e-mail Ms. Rahlf.


  1. Did so yest…

    • Hey, send me your letter, and maybe I’ll throw it up on the blog.

      • Should be in your byu mail…feel free to use any or none of it as you see fit.

  2. Dear Barry: Thanks so much for standing on the front lines of this important battle–a battle of truth and deception. The only way the press and its reporters in a red county like Utah County are going to be more discrete and accountable on the Climate Change issue is if they are challenged when they print misinformation.

  3. No word yet I guess?

  4. Thanks. No matter the outcome, this is important work. Al Gore’s statement usin the analogy of racism not fading until polite conversation wouldn’t allow it was prescient, I think. Despite the misinterpretations of that remark, I think he really was capturing the spirit of the times.

    Anti-science types should be held accountable, and i think a lot of people are tired of letting comments or actions slide. Makes me wonder if a recall or impeachment movement for Cuccinelli(if such a mechanism exists in VA) would be worth folks out there looking into. Nit that it’d likely succeed, bit it would draw attention to the vindictive and abusive nature of his inquiry. I think it’d be worth it if this type of ideologue had to think twice before flying off the deep end. Thinking twice has probably never occurred to Cuccinelli I’m sure.

  5. Hey Barry–I have checked the two boxes below indicating a desire to receive e=mails about the latest posts by you. Thanks Kirt

  6. […] he really meant the opposite of what he said.  Yes, mind reading.  (See here, here, here, and here for follow-up […]

  7. […] he really meant the opposite of what he said.  Yes, mind reading.  (See here, here, here, and here for follow-up […]

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