Posted by: Barry Bickmore | August 8, 2011

The Monckton Files: Bombshell!!! John Abraham to be Sued!!!

A reporter from a New Zealand TV station interviewed Lord Monckton, who got pretty irate when the reporter brought up John Abraham’s gutting of one of Monckton’s presentations.  Among the startling revelations–Monckton is going to sue Abraham for libel!!!

No, really!  Remember how last August Monckton said, “We’re quietly gathering the evidence. Sometimes a libel action is the only way to make liars face their lies, and pay for them.”  Oh yes, he was just biding his time, quietly gathering evidence until… well, a year later… when he finally has the goods on that poor sap, Prof. Abraham.  Ah, maybe this goes back to the BBC documentary about Monckton that aired earlier this year, in which he creepily claimed that he was having Prof. Abraham’s finances watched.  Be afraid, John.


  1. I hope Monckton goes for it!

    It would be a good show: Like Don Quixote vs. the windmill.

    • At least in the story, the good knight did actually put up a fight against the windmill.

      — frank

  2. Abraham must be quaking in his boots. Just think of all the other people Monckton has successfully sued for libel, and weep for Abraham’s prospects! This is the beginning of the end for AGW! Monckton is on the offensive!

    [if you reread my post in ALL CAPS you will fully appreciate the terror that we warmists are feeling at the moment]

  3. How long could it possibly take to gather evidence to sue for libel? Either his statements were libelous or they weren’t. What a blowhard.

    Climate scientists say “look at the scientific evidence”. Monckton says “pay no attention to that, look at this shiny quarter!”.

  4. What this phantom lawsuit needs, in addition to all the phantom evidence out there, is a phantom judge, a phantom jury, two phantom teams of lawyers, a phantom verdict, and last but not least… a phantom sentence!

    I have no doubt that Monckton, with his supreme reality-bending kung-fu, can easily create all these things in a jiffy.

    — frank

  5. Have any of Monckton’s threats to sue climate scientists ended up in court? He has won a couple of cases in the past – living on past glory perhaps!

  6. Michael wrote: “He has won a couple of cases in the past – living on past glory perhaps!”
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Would you have any details about legal cases he has won in the past?
    ~ ~ ~

    I know he tried to get a lot of mileage regarding the UK law suit against Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth.”
    But, surprise of surprises, Monckton grossly misrepresented what the case was about; what it decided; and what his role in the matter was.


  7. I would love to see Monckton actually go through with this. But, alas, I think this is likely just more Lordly smoke blowing.

  8. Every time Monckton’s words about anything–anything at all–are broadcast on TV or radio, quoted or paraphrased on the internet or in print, or publicly presented in any manner, there should be a postscript stating “Monckton also claims to have discovered a cure for AIDS, malaria, multiple sclerosis, and Grave’s Disease.”

  9. Er, that should read “Graves’ disease”

  10. Call me stupid, if you will, I cannot discount the fact Christopher Monckton’s last congressional testimony under oath, was thoroughly debunked by 21 of the worlds top 21 climate research scientists:

    Any real cynic or true skeptic, would in the real world, always fact check, the man called Chris Monckton on the subject of climate change, down to the last decimal point.

    He has annoyed the UK Parliament House of Lords to near the point of no return:-

    Skeptical Science has “The Monckton Myths” :

    Consider the following definitions. Genuine skeptics consider all the evidence in their search for the truth. Deniers( aka ersatz skeptics), on the other hand, refuse to accept any evidence that conflicts with their pre-determined views.

    Who benefits?

  11. […] to it, sometime.  He also said he was going to sue John Abraham for libel many moons ago, and he assures us the investigation is still underway.  So if there’s one person we can count on to follow […]

  12. […] distortions and.. ahem… truth-deficient statements?  And when the suit never materialized, he creepily indicated that he had investigators snooping into John’s finances?  (Oh, and here, too.)  Remember […]

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