Posted by: Barry Bickmore | July 20, 2011

The Monckton Files: If the Shoe Fits…

Monckton Quote of the Day

Regarding his recent interview with ABC’s Adam Spencer in Australia, Lord Christopher Monckton said:

He would not allow me to speak. He kept saying, ‘You are not a real peer, not a real scientist’, and he was implying that I’m a complete idiot who makes things up.

For background information regarding Spencer’s implied message, please see:

Lord Monckton’s Rap Sheet

Monckton Makes It Up



  1. I don’t know why he would imply such a thing. He should have just come right out and said it.

    • Or maybe Adam can ask, Glenn Beck-style, ‘But Monckton, does that mean you’re a complete idiot who just makes things up? I’m not accusing, I’m just asking.’


      — frank

  2. He did neither; he simply asked Monckton to confirm what has been said about him, or that he has previously claimed to have said.

    Monckton on the other hand was the one telling Adam to shut up and listen – only to later cry out to his devoted fans, in what can only be seen as a session of Hate, that ABC tried to silence him. The hypocrisy of the bloke never ends. On top of that, Adam continued the interview when Monckton called them up again – hardly being silenced. And whenever Adam asked a hard question ol’ Chris evaded it by saying Adam was leading the interview back on to the previous course..

    Rich, huh?

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