Posted by: Barry Bickmore | July 9, 2011

The Monckton Files: Caught Out Again

Many others have mentioned the recent grilling of Lord Monckton by Australian radio commentator Adam Spencer.  (Here’s a good one by Moth at New Anthropocene.)  Spencer grilled him about claiming to be a member of Parliament, about misinterpreting scientific literature, about claiming to be a Nobel laureate, and so on.  The bit about claiming to be a Nobel laureate caught my eye, because although Monckton claims it was a joke, Spencer asked him why this claim is so widespread on the Internet.  Monckton replied that it wasn’t on any website he has control of.  Of course, as Moth and others have pointed out, the Science and Public Policy Institute (–I’m not kidding) website has a bio of Monckton that makes this claim, and Monckton is the “Chief Policy Advisor” for SPPI.

Well, I have a juicy little tidbit to add to the mix.  In April of last year, I personally informed Bob Ferguson (president of SPPI) about his organization’s complicity in Monckton’s résumé padding in an e-mail conversation.




  1. Cheers, Barry, for promoting my article!
    I think the great work by people like Abraham and Potholer54 have set the scene for addressing Monckton – just take a look at the references he cites or alludes to. It doesn’t take much research for his house of cards to come toppling down.
    The big problem, as Abraham’s demonstration and the report that you co-authored shows, his particular gish gallop is so immense that you could write a near thesis on one short statement of his. His true power is simply the density of his gish gallop – it can take a lot of time to do justice to the copious nonsense he puts forth.
    It appears that the wider audience are now starting to wake up to him nowadays – a fading darling of the denialosphere!

  2. He’s not the Lord.

    He’s a very naughty boy…

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  4. […] on climate science. If so, I think it’s time he let us in on the jape. Update: Barry Bickmore adds: In April of last year, I personally informed Bob Ferguson (president of SPPI) about his […]

  5. So at some point you have to wonder about how, in someone else’s words, not Eli’s, how potty the peer is. It’s not just climate change it just about anything the dear boy’s lips touch from mathematics to AIDs therapy.

    • You’ve not heard?
      He’s a member of the House of Lord’s because of a heredity peerage. He’s a mathematician because he made a board game. He’s a climate scientist by association (the mistake of “debating” with him in public). He’s a medical genius because he’s submitted patents for what he claims can cure everything…
      He’s basically second only to Jesus, at least in his own humble opinion of course…

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