Posted by: Barry Bickmore | June 24, 2011

Monckton Ureservedl-ish Apologizes for Nazi Comment

Lord Christopher Monckton, caught up in a media firestorm in Australia for calling economist Ross Garnaut a fascist while flashing up a slide with a rather innocuous statement of Garnaut’s next to a Nazi flag, has now issued an “unreserved apology”!!!

which he then followed with a call for apologies from people who call contrarians like himself “climate deniers” or “denialists”.  You know, because people who, against all evidence, deny that the Holocaust occurred are called “Holocaust deniers” or “denialists”.  And if you use a word to describe one group, that must mean you think any other group you describe with the same word IS EXACTLY THE SAME IN ALL RESPECTS.

That’s why I avoid using the word “sympathizer.”  The first time I heard that word, someone was talking about “Nazi sympathizers,” so when I heard someone speaking of “terrorist sympathizers,” I was appalled.  I mean, obviously the person talking meant to imply that all terrorist sympathizers are closet Nazis.  How else could I interpret it?  For shame.

On a serious note, I avoid using the terms “denier” and “denialist”–not because I think such terms are usually meant to equate people with Nazis, but because I don’t want to listen to all the whining.


  1. Barry:

    (But of course “denialist” is a reference to the Holocaust! — because if we add the word “Holocaust” to it then it becomes a, um, reference to the Holocaust, or something…)

    Anyway, once more I’d like to advocate using the word “inactivists” to describe these people — not only is it not susceptible to the bogus attack, but it also encompasses those people who ostensibly accept climate science but refuse to act on it.

    The inactivists, predictably, don’t have any actual argument against this word except to whine that it’s “name-calling” and all that.

    — frank

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