Posted by: Barry Bickmore | June 22, 2011

Guess Who Monckton Embarrassed?

In a speech given at the 2011 Big Footprint Conference, sponsored by the American Freedom Alliance, Monckton gave a long tirade about “eco-fascists”, and compared them to Hitler.  (Look about 50 minutes into the presentation.)  He also flashed up slides with quotations by various accused “eco-fascists” next to a large Nazi flag.  Obviously, there are people who think Democracy can’t deal with a problem like climate change and should move to a more totalitarian form of government, but His Lordship was rather free with his Nazi analogies.  E.g., Prof. Ross Garnaut, an Australian economist who wrote a government report on dealing with climate change, said that people who don’t know anything about climate science have no rational choice but to accept what the experts say about it.  Of course, for Monckton this sentiment is radically anti-Democratic, but the fact is that Prof. Garnaut was simply encouraging people to be rational.  To everyone but the tinfoil hat crowd, summarily rejecting an overwhelming consensus of scientific experts without knowing what you are talking about is, well… irrational.

Well, this doesn’t sit well with Andrew Bolt, a well known conservative political columnist in Australia.  Although Bolt has been a Monckton fan in the past, and frankly he seems to have no real basis for his own skepticism aside from his political leanings, he says:

Monckton is right to warn against the surrender to argument-by-authority. He is right to warn against the surrender of sovereignty to international bodies claiming to work for “the planet”.

But he’s gone too far in this deeply pesonal attack and an apology is in order. Without one, it will be unwise for other sceptics to associate themselves with him on his Australian tour.

And so it begins.  I’ve often wondered just what it would take for Monckton to start embarrassing other prominent climate contrarians.  Would it be the fake IPCC CO2 and temperature projections?  Nope.  Would it be the non-stop mischaracterization of scientific papers?  Nope.  Would it be falsely claiming to be a member of Parliament?  Nope.  Would it be all the threatened lawsuits?  Nope again.   He used a gratuitous Nazi analogy, and that’s beyond the pale, apparently.  Go figure.




  1. Eventually, all denial movements devolve into infighting and self destruct.

  2. I’ve read comments that claimed Monckton’s sometime bizarre behaviour was due to his affliction with Grave’s disease, but unless I’m very mistaken, a quick reading of the details suggests this would seem not to be the case.

    However, any sympathy for such a multi-faceted and unpleasant condition, must be muted by the fact that hard-working scientists are on the receiving-end of what can only be seen as a campaign of death-threats. There are some on the Denialists’ side that neither care about, nor would baulk at such behaviour, such is their determination to silence the truth in their quest for greater profit. There can be little doubt that some will be duped by Monckton’s Münchhausen-esque performance and swallow the lies, fabrications, blatant misquotes, doctored graphs, fake-expertise, pseudo-science and numerous deceptions completely. As a result, Monckton’s deceitful performances can only be considered to be almost certain deliberate dishonesty, for which Monckton alone is accountable.

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