Posted by: Barry Bickmore | May 23, 2011

The Reason Why

The Salt Lake Tribune just published a nice editorial about a youth group’s petition to get state agencies to start lowering their carbon emissions.  While the editors don’t know whether the specific targets advocated by the group are feasible, they hope the petition helps motivate both the legislative and executive branches of the Utah government to start actively talking about what is feasible.

That doesn’t mean the challenge isn’t worth raising, or that the young people filing this petition don’t deserve a serious answer to their altogether fair question: After you guys have squeezed every last dollar out of the earth, sky and water, what will be left for us?

On a related note, here’s one of my reasons why.  Following is a recent video of my 13-year old daughter playing a saxophone solo for “Misty” with her Jr. High jazz band.  They beat out all the high schools at the festival and won the award for Outstanding Jazz Band.  My daughter won the medal for Outstanding Jazz Soloist.  I figure we ought to keep the world the kind of place where awesome budding jazz musicians can flourish.



  1. You must be bursting with pride! Well done, BB’s daughter.

    ….. and then I read the comments on the editorial. Oh well.

  2. Beautiful! You have every reason to be proud of her Dr. Bickmore.

    I wish we’d let them grow up without the politics though.

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