Posted by: Barry Bickmore | January 31, 2011

The Monckton Files: Sad Commentary

Today the BBC aired a documentary called “Meet the Climate Sceptics” which apparently focused largely on Lord Monckton.  (Click here to see the trailer.  I haven’t seen the program, yet, since I don’t live in the UK.)  In fact Monckton unsuccessfully attempted to have the courts stop the BBC from airing it unless they allowed him to insert a 3 minute video rebuttal into the program.  That’s the good news:  a full length documentary that will very likely expose Monckton’s… um… idiosyncracies.

I looked at the hit count on my blog today, and it was pretty slow until after the show started airing in the UK.  Then the hit count apparently spiked tremendously.  Why?  A bunch of people searching Google to find out what Monckton’s miracle cure for Graves’ Disease (etc., etc., etc.) is.  What a sad commentary.  People see a documentary about a guy who goes around falsely claiming to be a member of Parliament and to have overturned an entire branch of science, and these people only hear, “Somebody claims to have found a cure for my disease!!!!”  If anyone does find out what Monckton’s miracle cure is (I’m still betting on homeopathy or deep enemas,) please don’t forego seeing your doctor.  A real doctor.


  1. Hi – I’m ‘fortunate’ enough to live in the same region as the good ‘Lord’ and the film-maker Rupert Murray so I have seen the documentary. I’ve seen it twice now as it was such extremely good viewing.

    Murray has been very careful to be fair and to allow Monckton to present his own case in his own way. Monckton does have his say – and he has convinced me of one thing, but I’ll leave you guessing what. I’m sure the documentary will be posted on You-Tube soon, and when it is, believe me, it’ll be essential viewing.

  2. I was searching for Monckton and Graves’ Disease after seeing the documentary. Not because I was looking for a miracle cure, but to see what other people had written about his condition. Also what he’d said about his miracle cure. Weirdly, I’m a medical writer with a PhD in geophysics – the source of my curiosity may be obvious…

  3. There was some information about Monckton’s medical patents on Bluegrue’s Blog last October :

  4. […] post it–but I’ll post a link if it shows up on YouTube.)  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Monckton unsuccessfully sued the BBC to keep them from airing the show unless they let him insert […]

  5. I watched the BBC special and came away none the wiser. I found the title and content deceiving and felt I was being manipulated.

    The program had very little to say in the areas of science, either for or against climate change. In summary, the program was a not so thinly veiled attack on Lord Monkton who, by the way, merely takes the work of credible climate scientists like Judith Curry and Tim Ball then explains their findings in layman’s terms to audiences.

    I want the truth and this BBC program did not help. I would have liked to have heard more about the IPCC emails and exactly what data was fudged. I would have liked to see old fashioned journalism where “follow the money” is the rule. Who is financing each sides research?

    Sadly, I’m back at square one. To try to sort out the truth myself, I have been visiting various websites such as the EPA and Climate Gate TV. I’ve begun to see that there is a great deal of scare mongering and more than a tad of dishonesty when it comes to climate change advocates.

    Very disappointed with the BBC and this broadcast. They did not interview the slew of scientists with exceptional credentials in this complicated field, who are either for or question the science. Poorly done BBC.

    • Katherine,

      I am deeply concerned that you feel that Tim Ball is a credible climate scientist. He was a professor of Geography (not climatology) at the university of Winnipeg for 8 years but has regularly inflated his CV in similar ways to Monckton (as can be seen here

      You also mention Judith Curry. Ms Curry does not question the scientific consensus on climate change but is a regular spokesperson at political meetings and chooses to emphasise areas of doubt rather than probability.

      I’m also concerned that you feel that websites like Climate Gate TV is in any way scientific. “Climate gate” itself was theft and subsequent distribution of misleading sections of emails on the internet. Five independent reviews have completely exonerated the scientists whose emails were hacked (in much the same way that the News Of The World has been hacking mobile phones for news stories). There is a continuing criminal investigation into the hacking – NOT the scientists.

      Your post bears all the hallmarks of someone who has decided to confuse the issue. May I suggest that your first port of call is the Skeptical Science website – rather than anything that has a political or commercial axe to grind.

      Kind regards,


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