Posted by: Barry Bickmore | November 1, 2010

The Monckton Files: His Lordship in a Nutshell

I came across this blog entry by Gideon Rachman at the Financial Times, in which he described his experience debating at the Oxford Union about the role of the U.K. in the European Union.  One of his opponents was Christopher Monckton, who ended up sitting across from Rachman at dinner before the debate.  Rachman’s description of his encounter with Monckton so beautifully encapsulated the Viscount’s essence that I had to quote it here.

The viscount is an interesting character. He once worked in the policy unit at Number Ten under Lady Thatcher and is now deputy leader of the anti-European UK Independence Party. More recently he has become famous as a vociferous climate-change sceptic and for fighting a Quixotic campaign to gain entrance into the House of Lords. I was seated opposite him at the pre-debate dinner, and initially I found his conversation rather unsettling: a blizzard of statistics and anecdotes on everything from climate to Europe, all delivered with supreme confidence and a slight gleam in the eye.

I began to think that Viscount Monckton might be a formidable opponent during the debate. Then he told me that he has discovered a new drug that is a complete cure for two-thirds of known diseases – and that he expects it to go into clinical trials soon. I asked him whether his miracle cure was chiefly effective against viruses or bacterial diseases? “Both”, he said, “and prions”. At this point I felt a little more relaxed about the forthcoming debate.



  1. Was there something you wanted to say in terms of specific claims on the science? It seems that Monckton has previously won too many debates and now clearly he ‘must be stopped’ with ad hominems.

    • Larry,

      I’ve given plenty of substantive comments on Monckton’s “science” in previous posts. I take it you haven’t read them? E.g., where I showed that he fabricated graph data and came to the exact opposite conclusions from the scientists whose papers he cites?

      Please step back a moment and consider whether you are defending Monckton because you believe he actually is credible, or just because he sides with you about climate change. I mean, when you are defending as credible a guy who thinks he has created a miracle cure for 2/3 of known diseases, it seems like there is something wrong, there.

  2. Regardless of the fact that Monckton has admitted to lying and been shown repeatedly to be a serial liar and deceiver, he is undoubtedly un-matched as a first-class purveyor of BS.

    On a Cure for HIV / Graves Disease / Common cold / Etc.
    A number of patents for unspecified ‘THERAPEUTIC TREATMENTS’ submitted by Monckton have been terminated recently. Presumably, because they were found wanting in one or more respects.

  3. Larry @ 1

    Could you point us to the “ad hominems” above please.

    With regard to …”It seems that Monckton has previously won too many debates”

    He has?

    That being the case perhaps you could explain why 21 top climate scientists who are actually qualified in their field of study (unlike Lord Monckton) seem to disagree with every aspect of Lord Moncktons so called climate science expertise…

    “The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (TVMOB) has now become the most scientifically debunked of all the professional disinformers.  A team of 21 top climate scientists have eviscerated his Congressional testimony”

    Found here

    The complete report is here

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