Posted by: Barry Bickmore | September 15, 2010

Shorthand for Inaction

Governor Gary Herbert is repeating the same mantra I keep hearing from my fellow Republicans, including my Mom:  “We should develop all energy sources.”  (See “Group Tells Guv:  Let’s Lean on Green,” The Salt Lake Tribune, Sept. 15, 2010.)  While that sounds reasonable and fair–and let’s face it, we’re not going to go off fossil fuels overnight–in practice it seems to mean that he doesn’t have any real plan for transitioning away from fossil fuel.  He’ll throw in a few token green projects to make it look like he’s “doing something,” but nothing that will make any real difference.  I encourage everyone to keep asking their elected officials what their plan is to transition to a green energy economy, and ask for emissions targets to go along.


  1. In Utah it’s all about coal. At the very least you’d think they could move towards NG on the way to renewables. I corresponded with my state rep and Mike Noel asking them about their position on approval of new coal power plants. No answer.

  2. Aren’t they building a lot of solar power plants in the Utah area? I’d think that area out by Delta where the coal power plant is would be fantastic for large scale solar.

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