Posted by: Barry Bickmore | September 5, 2010

Tiptoeing Around Climate Change in Utah

In case anyone missed it, check out this article (“USTAR Official Says Jury Still Out on Climate Change, Salt Lake Tribune, Aug. 19, 2010) by Judy Fahys.  This is how hard it is to get legislators in Utah to do anything about climate change–you have to play agnostic.



  1. Now if it rained heavy for a long period over there then huge quanities of salt water would be added to watercourses.

    There are a few other places in the US where this could happen too.

  2. Just a word about your Home web page.

    Wondering why there was no title visible at the top I ran the moise pointer along the top just under the furniture and just glimps the edges of what must be a button bar in orange that link to the same as the captions below Home, About etc.

    Same with both IE and Firefox.

  3. Why does USTAR talk as if carbon sequestration will be the magic answer to the world’s climate and energy woes, while solar energy, wind energy, etc. will never be? Am I seeing some sort of fascination with overengineered gizmos?

    • Carbon sequestration is (theoretically) cheaper, at present. I think it might be a decent short-term fix.

  4. I wonder what ‘Jury’ he’s referring to?

    The problem with the state reps is that they aren’t allowed to believe in the science because they’ll be rejected by the party.

  5. No joke. Check out this post I wrote about my experience as a Republican convention delegate in Utah County.

  6. USTAR is expanding on that comment in this post

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