Posted by: Barry Bickmore | September 3, 2010

Fool Me Once

Alden Griffith, a botanist/ecologist who studies the effects of climate change on ecosystems, has created a fantastic website about climate change called “Fool Me Once.”  So far, he has posted 3 visually stunning videos that debunk climate contrarian arguments, including two that directly address claims made by Lord Monckton about temperature projections and Arctic Sea Ice.  It isn’t that nobody has ever addressed these topics on the Internet.  Rather, Alden’s videos are exceptional for their clarity and depth.  If you are looking for a clear-cut stomping of a common contrarian argument, Alden’s site should be one of your first stops.



  1. There must be something in the ether. Yesterday, there I was, waiting for the London train at the main Exeter railway station, musing about the difference between Arctic sea ice area and extent (as one does), when who should hop off the train right in front of me clutching his suitcase and Dick Francis novel but the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. I assume he was on his way to the great gathering of fruitcakes and loonies (copyright D.Cameron), otherwise known as the UKIP Annual Conference, which is being held in nearby Torquay. M’lud is the deputy leader of this bunch in case you didn’t know. Then I find that there’s another Fool Me Once video on one of the good Viscount’s many misleading claims.

    On my journey home, I idly pondered whether I should have done future mankind a service and shoved him under a train (only joking heh heh!). I concluded not. For one thing, he was bigger than me, so I might have well ended up under the train, but the main thing is that the man is an absolute gift to climate non-sceptics. His cherry picking, misuse of statistics and general bluster are such that he can be elegantly debunked as in these excellent presentations and when he goes down, he will take a lot of other sceptics who have hitched themselves to him down with him.

    I’m absolutely amazed that he can testify in Congress as a supposed “expert authority” on climate change. Was there really nobody present to at least question him on his expertise, or rather his lack of expertise, in this area? Here in the UK, he’s regarded as a bit of a nutter (see for example).

    Two things in his favour though; he was travelling by train and he was travelling standard class. Maybe the US climate sceptic lecture circuit doesn’t pay as well as I thought.

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