Posted by: Barry Bickmore | August 18, 2010

The Monckton Files: Just Biding His Time…

Ah, poor Lord Monckton.  Given that he has influenced members of the U.S. Congress, among others, about climate change, scientists are now deciding not to just brush him off.  So of course, our favorite plucky Viscount is fighting back… by failing to adequately address the scientific criticisms of his claims and crying, “Personal attacks!!!”

Over on, one Bob Arthy has interviewed Lord Monckton in a piece entitled, “Attack the Argument, Not the Man!”  In his interview, Bob zinged His Lordship with hardball questions such as, “And what about Associate Professor John Abraham’s astonishing 83-minute personal attack on your talk last October in St. Paul, Minnesota?”  Here was Monckton’s answer.

Lord Monckton smiled again. “My lawyers tell me I must be very careful not to call him what I should really like to call him. No doubt he thought he would win some media headlines and some Brownie-points with his little Marxist friends if he had a go at me. And that has backfired on him. Now that I’ve rebutted his feeble-minded outpourings point by point, he’s been forced radically to alter his attack on me, shortening it by ten minutes to take out some of the worst libels. He is now the laughing-stock of his students.

“He made the fatal mistake of lying repeatedly about what I had said in my talk, and then inviting third-party scientists to comment on what I had not in fact said, and then using their understandably hostile responses publicly against me. He did this over and over again, and then failed to withdraw the lies when reasonably and privately requested to do so. This one will have to go to court. We’re quietly gathering the evidence. Sometimes a libel action is the only way to make liars face their lies, and pay for them. I’ve only actually pursued cases to court three times before in my life. I won all three.”

I had to laugh.  First, John Abraham’s original presentation is still up on the Web.  He did do a revised version, but if the reason for the revision was to remove “libelous” comments, why did he leave the original up?  Second, Monckton has been claiming that he’s considering a libel suit against Prof. Abraham for some time, now.  When will it ever materialize?  I mean, Abraham’s presentation is still right there on the Internet.  How hard could it be to identify libelous statements and go to court?  But no, “We’re quietly gathering the evidence.”

That comment had me in stitches, because as soon as I read it, I had a vision of Mr. Burns, who is always saying he’ll just “bide his time” before exacting his revenge on Homer Simpson.  And then in the next episode he’s forgotten Homer’s name.  But wait!  Maybe THIS time, it will be different!  Even the writers of The Simpsons once turned the running joke on its head by having Mr. Burns say,

I could crush him like an ant. But it would be too easy. No, revenge is a dish best served cold. I’ll bide my time until … Oh, what the hell. I’ll just crush him like an ant.


  1. Giving it my two cents worth for both Monckton’s lies and the “crackpot” tag.

    The web page is usually in Google’s top 5 if you search using:
    Monckton liar

    • Bill,

      Great piece but I have to object to “Christopher Monckton is an anachronism from a British caste system dating from hundreds of years ago”.

      That might be true of some, but Monckton is only the third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley; the title was created for his grandfather in 1957.

  2. “This one will have to go to court.” (from the simultaneously hilarious and vomit-inducing “interview”).

    1. This will not happen because even he is not so delusional that he thinks he could win. It’s all bluster.

    2. If he is that delusional, then it will be hugely entertaining to see the pernicious, pompous, pontificating, posturing, patronising, preposterous, pretentious, potty peer being torn to shreds.

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