Posted by: Barry Bickmore | July 17, 2010

The Monckton Files: WUWT Can’t Stand to Have Monckton’s Claims Questioned

Over on the “Watt’s Up With That?” website, Lord Monckton posted his “rebuttal” of John Abraham’s criticisms about Monckton’s faulty science.  In an update to that post, he also gave a new response to the charge that he has falsely claimed to be a member of the U.K. House of Lords.  My last post here was a rebuttal of his new argument for why-he-is-really-a-member-even-though-he-can’t-even-use-the-library.  So I went over to “Watt’s Up With That?” and posted a comment, where I essentially just said I had posted a rebuttal of Monckton’s update, and gave a link.  The content of the comment was snipped, and the moderator left this note.

[snip, if you want to make a personal crusade against Monckton, take it up with the British House of Lords, but WUWT is not going to publish your opinions on the matter here ~mod]

Boy, and I didn’t even insult His Lordship!


  1. Why not?

    • I’m on a self-improvement kick. I wish they had patches for this, because I’m developing a nervous tick trying to kick the habit!

  2. WUWT has also cut out comments that I have posted.

    I have a web page on Monckton at .
    The section on “Pathological Liars and Narcissism” (near the bottom) may be of particular interest.

  3. ROFLMAO The Duke of Deleted comments pointing this out! Tim Lambert lambasting another for deleting comments. The Dastardly Disemvoweler, His Highness of Hypocrisy has spoken. The Iron Fist Ruler of Deltoid must have been making a joke. Oh the humanity! LMAO. Almost as funny as the guy in jail complaining about the criminal in the cell next to him!

    • Are you referring to the fact that Tim Lambert linked to this article from his blog? If so, why don’t you post your comment there?

      In any case, there is a difference between a) deleting comments that are completely content-free, off-topic, laced with excessive profanity, etc., and b) deleting comments that just say, “I have responded to your argument at the following URL.”

      Based on the quality of your comment here, I can imagine that Lambert probably deleted a few of your posts because they didn’t really say anything or provide any evidence. In any case, I don’t delete comments unless they contain profanity or are obvious spam.

  4. Cannot post at Deltoid. That is why I posted here. Your assumption about what might posts that were deleted may have contained is speculative and inaccurate. Why should I invest anytime in quality with Lambert and now it seems you. I seem to fit nicely in a pre-determind type of box and anything I say will certainly not change your mind. I find your assumptions and box buliding rather old and tiring. Thanks for posting my inanae denier comments that are not worth the light of day. Your a better man than Lambert.

    • Man this guy cannot spell correctly today. forgive him he was trying to finish up and leave for the day 🙂

    • Jon,

      1. I would never post comments on WattsUpWithThat? or a similar blog because I want to convince Anthony Watts and the like. Blog comments are for all the readers who want to see others’ reactions.

      2. I pigeon-holed you because you posted some insulting, substance-impaired rant that seemed to be about another blog. I could imagine that a person who would do that could get kicked off the comments section of a blog. In fact, I’ve read the Deltoid blog enough to know that Lambert lets people with views contrary to his own post comments there. I really doubt that he kicked you off because he couldn’t stand that anyone would question his arguments.

      3. You might be surprised to know that I was somewhat of a “climate contrarian” as recently as a couple years ago. So it’s not as if I can’t change my mind about anything.

      • No you pigeon-holed me, because I am the only one you perceive to be on the other side (out of the 3 posters here I guess the choice was not difficult for you). You can keep your head in the sand about Deltoid’s comment practices.

        I do like all the substance you have provided so far, as in equal to mine.

        You might be surprised to discover that, I know the climate has warmed, I do believe CO2 has been part of it, but I want to hear from both sides and not try to read through a locked-down blog where the commenters spend all their time “pigeon-holing” people.

        Funny you never inquired to what my positions might be, you only assumed. Such is the weak position from which Pro-AGW team members operate from.


  5. Jon,

    Look back at my comments. Did I ever accuse you of having any particular position about climate change? No.

    I mentioned my change in position because you implied that I’m incapable of changing my mind.

    Like I said, I don’t know why Tim kicked you off Deltoid, but I do know that a number of people who disagree with Tim post comments there. That being the case, I would encourage you to ask yourself whether you might be partly at fault.

  6. Interestingly, over at the highly-censorious Deltoid blog, Tim Lambert is currently hosting someone who has just flamed-out, described him as “com[ing] across like a creepy little prat in an ill-fitting suit trying to score cheap ad hominem points.” (comment 243)

    Post after post has seen a rather silly – and frequently rather insulting – tirade directed at Tim personally, for having had the temerity to outmaneuver… Christopher Monckton. (Pinkergate!)

    See for yourself –

    It would appear that you really have to work at being banned. Did you?

    • Makes me wonder what Jon P had to do to get kicked off!

  7. […] simply announced that I had written a response and gave a link.  The moderator (presumably Watts) deleted my innocuous comment and inserted something about how I could take my “personal crusade” against Monckton […]

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