Posted by: Barry Bickmore | June 3, 2010

The Monckton Files: Pistol-Whipped

Some readers may think I have already posted too much about Lord Christopher Monckton.  (See here and here.)  But the fact is that bloggers are expected to be snarky, and for that purpose Monckton is the gift that keeps on giving.  Practically every time he opens his mouth, out pops another lie, half-truth, or blatant distortion.  He lies about his credentials, and he lies about climate science.  The net result is a pile of plausible-sounding nonsense so enormous that it would take an immense effort to document and rebut even half.  Well, people who desire a rational public debate about climate change are getting sick enough of Monckton’s snake oil that, over the past few months, several have taken it upon themselves to start methodically ripping apart his arguments.  If it would amuse you to see His Lordship get a good pistol-whipping, check out the following videos.

1. Tim Lambert, a computer scientist who maintains the popular Deltoid blog, recently debated Lord Monckton in Australia.  The video embedded below is the first of 15 parts of the debate on YouTube.  When you watch it, pay special attention to the end of Part 3 and beginning of Part 4, where Lambert exposes Monckton for misrepresenting the work of one Dr. Pinker.  It’s hilarious.

2. Peter Sinclair, who maintains the excellent Climate Denial Crock of the Week site, has produced a two-part series called “Debunking Lord Monckton”.  It’s beautifully argued, but perhaps most importantly, Sinclair makes fun of Lord Monckton for lavishly dropping Latin phrases to impress the rubes who listen to him.

3. Finally, John Abraham, an Engineering professor at the University of St. Thomas, has taken an enormous amount of time to comb through this presentation that Monckton gave in Minnesota last year.  Prof. Abraham actually checked the references Monckton cited, and contacted the authors to see whether Monckton was fairly representing their work.  Hint:  He wasn’t.  Big surprise.  The following embedded YouTube video is the first of ten parts–the rest of the parts are linked at the end, or you can find the entire presentation on Prof. Abraham’s website.



  1. Wow that’s great. Too bad no one cares about how this guy or that guy has demolished Lord Monckton or picked apart his arguments. The public now understands that the AGW movement is dead and they are listening to Lord M no matter what he says. These other guys are getting no public traction at all. Wahoo!

    • You have it right, klem. “The public” (at least a large fraction of it) “understands that the AGW movement is dead,” so they listen to Monckton “no matter what he says.”

      TRANSLATION: Some people don’t bother becoming informed about the true state of the debate, so they just listen to whomever says what they want to hear, no matter how stupid it is.

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